The Intelligent Infra (i)

Business Areas

Solar Power Solutions


  • Solar Power Plants - EPC Solutions
  • Commercial Roof Top Solar Power Projects
  • Residential Roof Top Solar Power Units

Civil & Architectural


  • Commercial Projects - Shopping Complex, Business Center, Malls
  • Residential Housing Projects
  • Independent House 


Air Conditioning & Ventilation


  • Commercial HVAC Projects for Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, corporate offices, business centers etc.
  • Residential Air Conditioning & Ventilation works

Fuel Stations & Canopy


  •  Design, Pre-fabrication and Construction of Petrol Pumps, CNG Stations and all type of Canpoy and Facia jobworks.
  • All associated civil, structural, mechanical, electrical & lighting works.

Pre-Fabricated Buildings


  • Design, Pre-fabrication and Construction of Pre-Engineered Building, Pre-Fabricated  Stores, Workshops, Godowns, Sheds etc. 
  • All associated civil & electrical works, lighting's, ventilation etc.  

Lighting Solutions


  • Customized solutions for industrial & commercial lighting works including street lights, pole lights, flood lights, area lighting, building external & internal lightings etc.